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Research Team

Our ambitious team works in different projects related to the fields of energy generation, refrigeration, airlift pumps for aquaculture application, and other multi-phase flows. These studies combine the intellectual challenge of multiple phenomena interacting at multiple scales, and provide the long-term benefits to society of cleaner and more efficient systems.

Naief Almalki Ph.D Student
Shaker Bukhari Masters Student
Haniyah Saleh Research Assistant
Ahmed El-Saftawy Masters Student
Adib Fatayerji Graduate Research Assistant
Mike Speagle Lab Technician
Mohammad Shallouf Masters Student
Peter Spenler Research Assistant
Tahreem Anjum Junior Lab Assistant
Thariq Mohammed Masters Student
Rashal Abed Research Assistant
Stephanie Walton Research Assistant
Josh Rosettani Research Assistant
Jeremy Chau Masters Student
Matthew Marks Research Assistant
Juan Carrera Research Assistant
Johnathan Szeliga Masters Student
Felicia D’Alessandro Research Assistant