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Innovative Capacitance Sensors


The need for multiphase flow measurement in the oil-gas production and petrochemical industries has been manifested for many years.

A number of multiphase flow meters have been developed during the last few years by research organizations, meter manufacturers, oil & gas production companies and others, however, the need for more reliable measuring sensor of the multiphase flow parameters such as void fraction, phase concentration, phase velocity and flow pattern identification continues to grow.

Although, several techniques have been implemented for two-phase flow measurement with reasonable accuracy, none of these techniques can be claimed to detect the whole range of flow patterns and phase concentration with high accuracy especially in three-phase flow.

The present invention aims to utilize a combined capacitance-resistance arrangement to determine the three phase distribution and the velocity of the each phase in pipelines. The combined detection arrangement was selected to ensure high sensitivity of the capacitance electrodes to both water and gas phases and high sensitivity of the resistance electrodes to oil phase. (US Patent 8857267 B2).