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Gryph Energy

Development of efficient sustainable energy systems requires optimum analyses of energy processes including energy generation, conversion and transportation. Our research focuses on different aspects of both energy generation and energy conversion. In order to achieve high efficiency of these processes, accurate prediction of system performance and its best operating conditions is needed. The current conventional analyses of such systems based on overall thermodynamic performance or using average thermo-fluid properties, are not adequate to achieve the necessary efficient performance. However, these processes are associated with multi-phase flow heat transfer and change of phase

(e.g. boiling and condensation). Therefore, accurate prediction of multi-phase flow parameters is essential to obtain optimum performance. However, the difficulties associated with the analysis of two-phase flows are due to the interaction between phases and the different flow patterns exist and their changes throughout the piping system and components. This creates numerous challenges in obtaining optimum design conditions and consequently energy efficient systems. Our research group aims at resolving the difficulties associated with the analysis of multi-phase flows using both experimental and numerical techniques to provide reliable and efficient solutions for many industrial problems.

” Efficiency is the key to build sustainable energy systems “

Wael H. Ahmed

Ph.D., P.Eng.