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Two-Phase Flow Test Rig for Energy Related Experiments

The continuous inclined air-water pipe flow facility consists of 4 m long transparent Perspex pipes with internal diameters of 24 mm. The pipes are placed on an aluminum frame that can be fixed by a hydraulic system at any angle of inclination, from horizontal position to 30° angle.

When the required inclination is achieved, the frame can be locked by a breaking system for safety reasons.

The inclination angle can be measured with high precision by a digital angle level. Water and air are used as working fluids.

Water and air supply systems work independently. Water is circulated through the system in a closed loop by a frequency-controlled centrifugal pump with a maximum capacity of 2 m³/h at 30 m total head.

Water is supplied from a 100-liter tank, which is filled with deionized water that underwent filtering through an ion exchanger filter.

The loop is equipped with pressure, temperature and void fraction instruments, Coriolis flow meter and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system.