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Campus Author: Pumping machinery theory and practice

Campus Author: Pumping machinery theory and practice

The energy consumption in pumping systems accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s electrical energy demand. Moreover, the operational cost of pumping machinery far outweighs their capital cost. Accordingly, engineers strive for optimum equipment performance for achieving economic operation. A thorough understanding of the components and principles of operation of these machines will provide an opportunity to dramatically reduce energy, operational and maintenance costs. Reducing energy consumption will also complement the current thrust towards protecting our environment. The book is an introductory reference covering the theoretical foundation and applications of various types of pumping machinery. It presents the fundamental concepts underlying the flow processes in these machines and the transformation of mechanical energy into fluid power. Special emphasis is given to basic theoretical formulation and design considerations in addition to improving problem solving skills. This is achieved through the presentation of many solved examples of applied nature. The book consists of nine chapters covering two main themes; the first smoothly introduces the essential terminology, basic principles, design considerations and operational-type problems in pumping machinery. This part is supported by a good number of solved examples and problems at the end of each chapter for the benefit of senior undergraduate students and junior engineers. This is considered a key feature of this book as enough solved problems and exercises are barely found in other books in this area. The second theme focuses on advanced topic such as two-phase flow pumping systems targeting practicing field engineers and introductory research scientists.
Publication Year:  2015
Dr. Wael Ahmed is an associate professor at University of Guelph. Wael received his PhD from McMaster University in 2005. He has four years of industrial experience with Atomic of Energy of Canada Ltd., and Nuclear Safety Solution. He attracted more than $Million 2.7 research fund from industry and government agencies. Dr. Ahmed has authored more than 30 papers, 7 patents and two books in the area of thermo-fluids science.

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